Why Choose an Open Air Photo Booth?

Why Choose an Open Air Photo Booth?

Why get an Open Air Photo Booth?

We find in Buffalo, NY that most hear the word Photo Booth and think black curtains surrounding a group of people with a camera inside a box. If you’re renting a PhotoBooth for your wedding or event, consider unveiling the fun with an open air photo booth. Exposing the entertainment to everyone is often times the ideal situation. Here’s some reasons why we think that open air photo booths should be the optimal wedding feature:


Cool Design
When using an open air photobooth rental, we get the opportunity to maximize our professional look and perfect the lighting. The kiosk also has a modern appeal that complements the wedding venue and adds an aesthetic touch to the photo booth. No need for a clunky box booth with chairs that don’t mix well with the surroundings. Instead, your rental will look elegant and professional.

Better Viewing
Watching the photo booth experience is often times just as fun as being in the shots yourself! Everyone in line gets to see and enjoy the hilarious poses and shots that get taken. They may even dash new props over to you! Also expect extra fun on social media the following day!

Fit More People
Whether you’re renting a photo booth for a wedding, birthday party, graduation party, or any Buffalo event – fitting more people in the photo booth is always better! No curtains or walls getting in the way in the open air booth. You can fit the entire bridal party or both families of the bride and groom. Get crazy with it!

Customize It!
Backsdrops make the photos come ALIVE! We have several different style backdrops for you to choose from and complement the theme of your event. Have your own backdrop? Feel free to bring it and we can adjust to that instead! We have options ranging from glitter to floral and sizes up to 7 feet for larger spaces and bigger parties!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about customizing the open air photo booth for your upcoming event in Buffalo, NY. We have the perfect styles to cover any wedding, birthday party, mitzvah, and graduation party!

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