Snap Shack Buffalo Photo Booth FAQ

Booking a Buffalo photo booth rental and have some questions? Well we have answers. Browse through the common questions we get and be sure to visit the contact page if you have more!

Where are your photo booth rentals available?

We service within a 50 mile radius of Buffalo, NY.

What time do you set up your equipment? 

Typically we come to the event approximately an hour before it begins for set up. The attendant working your event will quietly set all the gear up and have it ready in time for your guests!

What about if it’s a wedding and we wanted it after dinner?

If the setup is not too close to the dinner area then we typically come in toward the end of dinner to set up. We can however come before cocktail hour to setup as well if you think it will be too distracting during the dinner itself.

Do you charge for downtime during dinner if we start at cocktail hour?

Nope! We will not charge at all for that time and it is not included in the hours that you sign up for. Every hour in your package will be functional photo booth usage.

How much space does it take up?

Our open air style backdrop setup takes approximately 5 x 8 feet while the spiral is 6 x 7. Be sure to accommodate some extra space for the table to put the printer, scrapbook, and props on. Any table works but a card table or 6ft length table works best! See the different photo booth models to get an idea.

Is there a limit to the number of photos we can take?

No way! We provide an unlimited supply of media for your guests to go nuts with taking as many as they want.

That being said, can you print out more than 2 strips?

Absolutely. We will print out as many photos as there are people in the photo shoot. If anyone wants reprints then we’d be glad to do that as well.
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