Using a Scrapbook With Your Wedding Photo Booth

Using a Scrapbook With Your Wedding Photo Booth


Debating whether or not to include a scrapbook with your Wedding Photo Booth?

Here’s 4 good reasons why we think you should:


  1. Create Memories – What beats having a collection of all the crazy highlights from your special event right inside a personalized album from your wedding photo booth? If you missed grandma wearing jumbo glasses and a Dr. Seuss hat at your wedding, you can sure bet it’ll show up in the scrapbook for your viewing pleasure. Make laughs and memories a collaborative experience!
  2. Personalized Messages – We provide you with the gel pens, glue, and stickers. Our attendants will have everything set up for guests to use and include special notes and messages with their photos. Wedding Photo Booth
  3. Everyone Can Do it! – Our attendants will show any of your guests how to add their photo strip to the scrapbook. Some people may not know to include it inside, but leave it up to our attendants to encourage them and help them glue it in. They will also encourage your guests to write a personable or funny message along with the photo.
  4. It’s FREE – We do NOT up-sell on any items! The scrapbook, along with the props, unlimited photos, digital copies, and more are always included with our Wedding Photo Booth packages. No need to stress over whether you should pay for more inclusive packages.

Check out our Buffalo Photo Booth page for more details and photos of the scrapbooks and other features that we provide!

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